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A) Consciousness = Abstraction:

As from Julian Jaynes book "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" pdf & Overview Religion/philosophy was created by humans when humans transitioned to a state of consciousness, the ability to create and use, and to do so, higher-level abstractions. There were driving issues needing solutions that functioning in a state of the subconscious was failing to solve. Many know the story of the tower of babel. And although there was a real tower built, it too was only a representation of the growing complexities of population growth (society) from working together for improved survival. During this transition and in an effort to maintain access to all that is known at the subconscious level which is far better in tune with nature, the task of an Oracle was employed. This task required the person to re-enter the state of subconscious function long enough to understand what nature had to say (i.e. stock up on supplies and seed - drought is coming). And as humans advanced in knowledge on a conscious level the need for oracles was diminished. Yet today we still have those who practice such (i.e. Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, etc.). As well the dream state can bridge subconscious and consciousness. See Julian Jaynes and related studies of the Iliad and the Odyssey and "The Network-Based Interpretation of Dreams." Of course, different high-level abstract languages were created as this transition did not just happen in one society, but around the world where the environment influenced the language creation.

The subconscious state has access to a great deal of information but the problem is in communication between humans, hence higher-level abstraction creation and use. The tools of abstraction are certainly useful and needed for solving complex problems, however, it was also discovered that through the misuse of the abstract tools misunderstanding could happen and this leads to intentional deception.

The purpose of Religion/Philosophy was initially intended to extract from all that the subconscious state has access to and condense or summarize into higher-level abstraction, principles to live by that would help humans stay in line with nature. This summarizing process could not possibly capture all that the subconscious has access to, so there was the need to "select" what of all the subconscious has access to, to create a philosophy. This resulted in different religions which in their development there was inherently bias. The "less than all" philosophies act as a filter between the subconscious and consciousness. There is all that is possible, but the filter reduces what a person believes is possible. "Example of abstract creation to communicate and how the abstract communication was altered and even fabricated into a deceptive story, contrary to the original intent and purpose of the abstraction."

Science is of course totally built upon higher-level abstractions but with some acceptable degree of physical repeatability required. Consider all the abstract words created just to communicate the sciences.

Where Science of Physics meets Religion - "The Unified Field Theory of Nassim Haramein" Jamie Janover at Wanderlust's Speakeasy

All religions, as well as atheism, have their limitations, their failing when tested against the "all that is." This is an absolute certainty! For it is the inherent nature of consciousness, to be in part, not whole.

Other human structures of Abstraction include Governments, Businesses, value exchange (money), Military, etc... The application of abstract constraints, applied to form abstract structures, has value in use to direct or cause physical movement.

To be clear, all uses of abstraction inherently imposed constraints on the possible. Science, in general, recognizes it is incomplete and as our knowledge evolves we know a lot can change our scientific perspectives, i.e. we do not yet "know" what causes gravity but only have theories that can provide some use. Philosophies, for which religions are, generally present themselves as being whole, while often allowing or having interpretations of its parts. And other abstract structures such as government, generally are not strictly adhered to due to exceptions to the abstract and inherently incomplete design of the government. Certainly, all uses of abstractions are subject to distortion of the real and possible, with reasons for such distortion falling within the spectrum between being genuinely productive to intentionally deceptive. Ultimately abstractions are about the effort in expressing, in communicating, intent. I.e. being intentionally deceived by another is their expression of intent to deceive, regardless of what abstractions were used in the process.

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B) Deception & Overcoming It:

We are now at the time of the next human transition. And again it is driven by population growth along with knowledge/technology in communications. This is evident in the fact of the worldwide protest happening ( Causing STRESS.) There is a growing recognition of communications from the subconscious, especially when under stress. The tools of abstraction are useful and needed, however, the wrongful intentional misuse of these tools, often by the application of the non-sequitur, has also grown to a point of breaking down. Humans are seeing past the techniques of deception via the wrongful use of abstractions. (NEO-CHEATING) i.e. Health Care regarding Heart Disease. As a result, humans are integrating consciousness with their subconscious (i.e. NEUROSCIENCE REVEALS THE WHOLE-BRAIN STATE and from this to achieve what can be called the state of "super-consciousness", the state existing with a full understanding of the use AND limitations of abstract tools, while not allowing abstract tools to limit the ability to see all that is possible.

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C) Human Influence on Physical Reality:

Although the universe is large and expanding, Human Influence does physically alter reality, if only on levels relevant to life on the planet. From the conception of something new to create in physical reality to creating it with hands-on effort (i.e. drawing plans, obtaining resources to create/build, implementation of plans.) Today we have knowledge of Quantum Physics with such experiments as the Double Slit Experiment to suggest there is even more than the hands-on influence of physics reality humans are capable of. And proof through The Zero Point Field.

If you, the reader, desire a deeper knowledge and understanding of Quantum Physics, here is a book for you: Quantum Enigma, Physics Encounters Consciousness.

The Field, The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, by Lynne McTaggart- A wide collection of many different science biased experiences, expressed with a focus on a common energy field in physics, the zero-point field. A field that can be influenced by human intent. Audio version with author's narration great for those who prefer to listen instead of reading (10+ hr's) And the follow-up or continuation "The Intention Experiment."

NO STRESS TODAY WITH PSYCH-K(R) a book explaining why PSYCH-K(R) works and with many testimonies (Note: Author has pulled the book and now competing.) Mentioned here for several reasons. PSYCH-K(R) is used in the research (also mentioned above) NEUROSCIENCE REVEALS THE WHOLE-BRAIN STATE and consistent with "The Field" & "The Intention Experiment". re: "PSYCH-K(R) is a quantum physical process, that moves energy with intention. It is a non-local, as well as a local process" - Robert Williams (originator of PSYCH-K(R)) Note: This book does not teach how for that look for a workshop schedule near you via PSYCH-K(R) workshop schedules or look for a PSYCH-K(R) instructors near you and what their workshop schedules are.

archive.org on Zonpower or as referred to today as the zero point field The universal constant 'k' is the "zero-point field". The author of "Zonpower" (Wallace Ward - AKA Frank Wallace) called it Zon. Google "zero-point field" for more.

"Energy and matter are one and the same as identified by Einstein. Energy (E) can become matter; and matter (M) can become energy: E=mc2. Likewise, thought and things are one and the same as identified by Spinoza.
Nonmystical thoughts (T1) can become all things throughout the universe; and all things (T2) throughout the universe can become nonmystical thoughts: T1=T2k, where k is the universal constant of Zon.
Also, the Di Silvestro equation: T1(Io + Eo)=vT2(k) in which Io is the degree of intent and Eo is the degree of effort behind the thought. Io and Eo affect v or the velocity of converting T1 to T2, with T2 being the thought converted to reality."

These equations are an abstract representation of the essence of the makings of real miracles.

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D) All That Is:

In the scope of all that is possible, there is nullification (for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction) whereupon summing all that is possible the result is void. And that is something to avoid. So applying constraints is an important part of the process of creation. And this brings us to what this is all about, where the blackboard of Existence and the whiteboard of super-consciousness came from and what the goal is.

(note: In the following sentence "time" does not yet exist. Try to understand my use of words indicating "time", are intended to be absent of "time"): When the void became aware of itself, the split happened into the blackboard of physical existence and the whiteboard of super-consciousness, both symbiotic forever connected as is the creation and changing of content on these boards.

A Mathematical Proof That The Universe Could Have Formed Spontaneously From Nothing and Stanford Professor Andrei Linde celebrates physics breakthrough as well as a talk Linde gave over a year before and another from others Origin of the universe riddle solved by Canadian physicists

Now if you are all that exist, how do you know? You have to create and expand the content on the boards. typically you start with nothing and create and build more upon what you have already created. eventually, you'll create life forms that provide you more experience from a POV of only seeing a part of your all. But then life capable of evolving to a state able to further the expansion of your all and in the process also give you the experience of seeing in part but expanding to seeing more and more. Hence life in many forms of which some provide this experience. We are not alone Humans are but only one of many species able to reach super-conscious.

Why? The one thing all life has in common is Survival Instinct! Simply because the void is something to avoid.

There is only one place where there is no so-called "sin" and that is where there is nothing at all..... the void. For in terms of "sin" the first was the divide. (where the concept of "born into sin" came from?)

So to avoid the void.... is killing the thing to do? Does it help the expansion? Answer: odds are high it does not. But life dies anyway, in its own time, though in the big picture all is recorded, some have even given an abstract name to this record. i.e. Akashic record, Book of Life, etc..

All that is in part is an extension of the all that is. And after this ride in life you have now, what ride will you go on next in the big picture process of expansion? Maybe that depends on how well you contributed to the expansion on this current ride.

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