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1) Introduction:

The physics of abstraction is of an "outside looking in" perspective (*1), where rather than creating another abstract language (inside), instead sees the underlying action machinery enabling the ability to create languages (outside looking in). Since Abstraction is a human mental characteristic, there is an inherent subjectivity to the topic. However, through the use of computers as a working analogy, we can be more objective about abstraction physics. See: Abstraction (computer science)

or what we call "Binary notation". However, computers have far more transistor switches in them than we can keep up with in such a low level or first order abstract manner, so we create higher level abstractions in order to increase our productivity in programming computers. From Machine language to application interfaces that allow users to define some sequence of action into a word or button press (ie. record and playback macro) so to automate a task, we are working with abstractions that will ultimately access the hardware transistor switches which in turn output to, or control some physical world hardware.

t build upon what those before us have done, we then would not advance at all, but rather be like any other mammal incapable of anything more than, at best, first level abstraction. But we are more, and as such have the natural human right and duty to advance in such a manner.

(*1) "outside looking in" - to use an analogy: imagine a translucent sphere. From the inside looking outward, you can only ever see just part of the sphere at any one time as you have to turn to see the part behind you, etc.. However, from outside and at a reasonable distance, you can see the whole sphere at the same time.


2) Abstraction Action Constants:

There is an identifiable and definable "physics of abstraction" (abstraction physics), an identification of what actions are required and unavoidable, in order to make and use abstractions. Abstraction Physics is not exclusive to computing but constantly in use by ... well... us humans. Elements of abstraction physics include the actions of abstraction creation and use:

0) Defining a word to mean a more complex definition (word = definition, function-name = actions to take, etc.)

1) Starting and Stopping the interfacing with abstraction definition sequences.

2) Keeping track of where you are in the progress of abstraction sequence usage (moving from one abstraction to another).

3) Defining and changing "input from" direction.

4) Defining and changing "output to" direction.

5) Getting input to process (using variables or place holders to carry values).

6) Sequentially stepping through abstraction/automation details (inherently includes optionally sending output).

7) looking up the meaning of a word or symbol (abstraction) so to determine action upon or with it.

8) Identifying an abstraction or real item value so to determine action upon it.

t start at the beginning of the dictionary, but begin with the section that starts with the first letter then followed by the second, etc., and when you open a box with many items to stock, you identify each so as to know where to put it in stock.

The Tao of Physics But here the representation is not of physical particles or of Mysticism, but rather the action constants used in the creation and use of "Abstractions" which are used in both Physics and Mysticism, as well as in the abstraction creating and manipulation profession of computer programming.. The Matrix movie representation of the Abstraction Action Constants (Note: The movie is fiction as you cannot "kill off" the action constants.)


3) Primary User Interfaces:

There are other crop circles relevant to the 1991 Barbury Castle crop circle which were created later at the Barbury Castle site, "The Menorah", "Pi" & "Flower of life.". For more detailed explanation of the relationships see: Pictograms. Note: it is helpful in understanding the crop circle/pictograms associations to have a grasp of the above action constants of Abstraction Physics and the following information. Understand the pictograms details are to express general concepts, not specific knowledge.

3a) Primary Computer User Interfaces:

3b) Primary Human Interfaces:

Humans are different than computers, as computer are just stone (earth) running images of human thought processes and can be turned off without issue of coming back on. Humans are on (alive) and self-driven by survival instinct. So the interfaces are a little different. You have the physical world interaction interface (Red area), the abstract interaction interface (Blue area) and the internal access interface (Yellow area) of conscious self-direction and subconscious function. These are not so different than the primary computer user interfaces, if you think in terms of human abstract interface being like the computer command-line interface (Blue area), the physical interface being like the computer GUI (Red area), and the internal access human interface being like the computer software side door port (Yellow area).

3c) The "Not So Different":


4) Cycles & Loops:

The abstraction tool is most useful when tied to physical reality where we have this thing we call "time". The physical reality of the human body, we have the repetitive heart beat, and in computer terms, we have the clock. It is these very basic cycles allowing more to happen upon them over time, a level up. To use an analogy: radio frequencies do not care what is transmitted over them, as the frequency is just a carrier wave.

Now consider three levels, each providing the foundation the level above it function upon. The BIOS, The OS & the Application, or The Body Subconscious (running the body) with the subconscious life experience & belief system, upon which the Conscious functions upon.

There is a great deal to even begin to consider what all is happening within these levels to support the next up, computer or human body. However, we know we have the absolute of the 10 (0+9) Abstraction Action Constants to work with on an abstract level.

s going on in your human head.

"Cycles" happen over "time" in a manner that may be repetitive.

/> Imagine a circle and within that circle, there is a smaller one that touches a point on the large circle, and if you want, a smaller on inside and touching a point on the now middle sized circle, for three levels. Though they are just imagined circles, they are abstract where upon you can place a sequence of abstraction. Of course, the smaller circle needs to support the existence of the abstraction on the next larger one. It is where they touch that you have access, into and out of one circle to the other.

To put this in human terms, you may consciously want to change a bad habit but fail over and over, simply because your subconscious did not get the message to allow the habit no more. The Body subconscious, with training and perhaps tools you can consciously alter this as well. i.e. Biofeedback, Meditation, stress, etc.. When the "programming" is altered at the lower levels then the upper levels may also be automatically altered to fit what the lower levels allow. A message or programming change that happens once to cause lasting change.

In computer terms, abstract programming at the different levels....

"Loops" are tools of abstract thought and communication.
This is not to say the concept of "cycles" is not useful in terms of abstraction, as we will see in the next section.


5) Definitions, Dictionaries & Document Mark Ups:

Most people may have no or little interest in creating definitions for computer automations, though having the ability to do so, for those rare times, is handy. More important is the fact everyone has their own built-in system, perhaps difficult to grasp due to inherent subjectivity, but there regardless, and modifiable.


A DEFINITION is any one abstraction representing another abstraction, abstraction set or physical object.

s without a consistent across applications interface for user ease. However, such tools as Autoit and Gui4Cli can help to fill this gap while providing GUI (second primary use interface) functionality.

A DICTIONARY is an organized and perhaps integrated set of definitions.

How many definitions are in a dictionary of snow? And if that is all you have in dictionaries, you will not know a hot sunny beach. The point being, dictionaries are constraints, for the value of using the constraints. And to make integrated use of more than one dictionary/application the Virtual Interaction Configuration has the Action Constants to do so, as does your abstract thinking mind.


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6) Commonly practiced, yet to be recognized:

t have to yet exist.


7) Economic hindsight projected forward:

(*2) Worth noting: The Roman Numeral system and its mathematical limitation would not have allowed us to develop such a level of math complexity required for us to create/invent much of what we have today, including computers. Yet at the introduction of the Hindu-Arabic Decimal system, such potential creations/inventions were not even imagined. Perhaps the same inability to see where the acceptance and open (free) application of "abstraction physics" will indeed lead us in time, is a natural human constraint that only aids the support of the false constraints of "software patents".


8) Philosophy:

Aerospace systems are made by humans, but the way aerospace (life critical and specialized or specific field oriented) software is created, it is highly bug free, quite the opposite of feature creep bloat you see everywhere else, but even at the code level there is avoidance of function calls that can introduce another level of abstraction and complexity and contribute to bugs and failure. It is in this way that using the process of elimination we can come to some conclusions about where error is or can most certainly exist, philosophy.

On a hardware level, we have redundant backups and check system....

As such, there is one area that neither software nor hardware has but only as a secondary or implementation of, position. Human error in concepts, beliefs, philosophies, abstraction definition variation, etc... That which exists before the hardware and software and often what hardware and software creation is inspired by, directed by, guide lined by, etc..

If the philosophy base is wrong then its limitations will manifest through the software and hardware created under such a philosophy and eventually show the limitations, via failure to perform.

s that the Catholic Church exonerated Galileo over his observation the earth revolved around the sun. The Atlanta Centennial Park bombing where the 911 system failed because no-one gave the park an address..... or is the philosophy of programming a 911 system to require an address the error? Or is it a good thing that all things needing 911 are at an address?

My pet peeve of the computer industry, the button on the front of the computer marked with a 0 & 1 symbol(s), yet over engineering has resulted in the meaning of those symbols to be more than "off & on" and this went further in removing the hard on off switch so that when the software based power switch failed, you have to physically unplug the computer from the wall, or take the battery out. t have to know more than is obvious... And ultimately the motivating philosophy behind the software switch is that of creating an OS that needs a shutdown sequence and time for it. When you think of this "0&1" switch, what better representation of distorting the most basic and fundamental concept of computers with "overcomplexifabulocation" can there possibly be?

Software and hardware are not where the error lies in this Air France 447 tragedy, even if there is failure or limitations found there in hardware and software, but the failure is in not providing a manual override. And if the technology has been made too complex for manual control.... then let grandma crawl under the desk to unplug the damn computer....shut it down until the real problem is fixed.

BTW, due to the competitive commercial nature of aerospace software development tools, there is a level of incompatibility between them and as such, there is also motive for playing the lock-in game regardless of any "unforeseen" risk to others. Perhaps there is a place for open source software here!!!

t bow down to the stone image (Stone = computer hardware & Image = software of human thought processing) of the beast of man, for the beast is error prone and his image can be no better. Instead, take a closer look at the code and usage of the code.... with many different human eyes.....


9) References & notes:

As is the nature of the internet, external links can become obsolete or change.

1999 USPTO Publication of comments to an RFC [2] see comment #4

2005 wiki.ffii.org original article [3] and initial base for this page And......

.....the former Wikipedia article. Note: Discussion on the Wikipedia article removal was deleted that otherwise shown Wikipedia editors unfair bias against the self-evident and verifiable unavoidable action constants of Abstraction Physics. However, discussion of another former & related Wikipedia article on Timothy Rue addresses Wikipedia weaknesses. Also see: Deception & Overcoming It @ techniques of deception via wrongful use of abstractions. A "TEDx Talk" regarding Wikipedia.

2006 Project "Open Source as Prior Art" Tagging Prototype [4]

Functional logic details of "Virtual Interaction Configuration" [5] (i.e. use of the three values of: current, previous and default on various levels for versatility.)

/> />

December 1997 - Simple circular flow-charting Usenet posting [6] provides an example description of abstraction physics, Virtual Interaction Configuration application of cycles.

About the Pictogram/Icon/Crop Circle (Barbury Castle 1991) in upper left corner of this page and its relevance.

How "The Matrix" movie representation of Abstraction Action Constants came to be. and more in the apparent recursive nature of conspiracy theory entertainment.

"Physics of Computational Abstraction" as the closest I could find at the time in reference to "Abstraction Physics".

A 2006 patent listing in its "other reference" the Virtual Interaction Configuration. This will be interesting to re-write the claims in terms of abstraction physics showing non-novel, and anything else that shows the non-patent-ability of this patent.

t make it patentable. And here is the oral argument.

The Semicolon Wars A July/August 2006 article in American Scientist Online regarding "another programming language".

Another attempt to bring in software patents in Europe, with several interesting links.

End Software Patents - A U.S. based effort to abolish Software Patents

ACLU - First Amendment on Pure Abstraction - A step in the direction of recognizing abstraction is a human right.


Indications of mindset changing at learning institutions towards Abstraction Physics: (Moving Targets)

s difficult to tell where it is really going. Could it be another "almost" or will they quantize and simplify the work to recognize "Abstraction Physics"? A March 29, 2007 lecture: Great Principles of Computing - Peter J. Denning

Computational Thinking seems to lack the tools to apply the learning feedback loop that is so important in using and really understanding the tool of computers. The focus is on claims of a new way of "thinking in terms of". Fails to realize proper priority in what came first, the computer and its program calculating ability or the common human mental functions that built and programmed the computer. But recognizes there is something there regarding common mental functioning across fields, industries, and sciences. Just needs the tools of Abstraction Physics so to provide a verification loop for correct human understanding of the contents of "Computational Thinking"

t understand the foundation of the unavoidable abstraction physics, from which they are trying to build from. Recorded CDI webcast the day before LOI deadline w/Q&A It will be interesting to see what projects are awarded grants.

]] Clearly, the mindset is changing towards Abstraction Physics. Rhetoric at ACM ubiquity is a bit thicker than it needs to be for the general computer users understanding and use, but I suppose ACM ubiquity addresses educational institutes and computing professional interest in doing so. Always an "almost"... for the end users?

Constructor Theory "For example, a drop of dye can dissolve in water but thermodynamics shows that the reverse transformation, of the dye clumping back together, is not possible." Consider the 1997 Usenet post link above "Simple circular flow-charting ..." and realize our observation is of time moving forward.


Identification of the ten base action constants was done by Timothy Rue in February 1988, while having lunch at Pizza Hut.

/> To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/.